From New Jersey to Jerusalem

100 participants from US make trip to Jerusalem to strengthen connection to Israeli communities and Zionism.

Eliran Aharon ,

From New Jersey to Jerusalem
From New Jersey to Jerusalem
Eliran Aharon

Over 100 participants, members of Israeli families who chose to live elsewhere in the world, embarked on a Zionist campaign in Jerusalem as part of the Bereisheet project together with the World Zionist Organization.

The journey, from the City of David and the Old City, the cradle of the Jewish People, to the grave of State visionary Herzl, is a milestone in their return to Israeli values, to identify and connect with the people of Israel and the Land of Israel.

World Zionist Organization Chairman Jacob Haguel says, "It's a very big challenge to connect with them and keep them in touch with both Israel and the Jewish People. You have to understand that assimilation rates among Israelis who don't live in Israel are high relative to every community."

Avi Cohen of Bereisheet, who came to Israel with his family, told Arutz Sheva, "The organization serves the Israeli Jews who live in New Jersey as complete volunteers. Our goal is to maintain the next generation and we see it as important.

"For us, bringing them here is another step in connecting the next generation to our roots." Bereisheet "connects the Israelis together, while working hard to maintain the connection between the children and their roots and it's a big responsibility. It's like a mother - even when she's far away you don't love her any less," he concludes.