MDA holds annual beach emergency training for the public

Program aims to raise awareness of risks at beach during summer, and give the public tools to handle drowning cases until MDA teams arrive.

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MDA beach training session
MDA beach training session

Since the beginning of the swimming season, 161 people have been drowned at sea and in swimming pools across the country, including 27 who drowned to death.

In light of these incidents, on Monday, August 12, Magen David Adom held an annual training session at the Sironit beach in Netanya for the eighth year in a row. The goal of the program is to raise awareness of the risks on the busy beaches during the summer and to give the public tools to handle drowning cases, until MDA teams arrive.

As part of the training, an event was simulated in which a lifeguard rescued someone from the sea, unconscious and unresponsive. They performed basic CPR and alerted MDA's 101 Emergency Dispatch Center. MDA teams provided passers-by with basic CPR training. The training on the beach was provided free of charge to all visitors, and were conducted in both Hebrew and French, due to the large number of tourists from France who visit the beaches of Netanya during the summer.

Liora Cohen from Jerusalem, a civil service girl at Magen David Adom, explained in French, "With the assistance of the lifeguards on the beach, we called passersby to take part in the drill and in the training. We performed a resuscitation demonstration on mannequins, and explained in detail about the life-saving actions that should be performed in case of a drowning emergency, when waiting for the MDA team to arrive. Dozens of participants practiced and received feedback from the instructors. The activity was very successful, the audience at the beach was very, enthusiastic and curios, especially the French tourists. Training of this nature is very important, and in many cases can mean the difference between life and death."

Netanya Mayor Miriam Fairberg-Ikar: "We see the utmost importance in teaching the public in CPR and first aid. Human life is a priority, and it is important that the public receive the tools to provide initial assistance until MDA staff arrive."

MDA Director General Eli Bin: "Magen David Adom aims to give everyone basic knowledge of performing CPR and first aid, as every minute in an emergency is important. Therefore, we conduct MDA training in many locations around the country, throughout the year, as in the summer at the beach. I urge the public to come and learn first aid and perform basic CPR operations. In addition, people should swim only at designated beaches and operating hours, and an adult should not leave children near water without close supervision, not even for a moment. For any medical need, MDA must be called on the 101 Emergency Line or through the My MDA application, through which paramedics and EMTs can locate your exact location."