Everything you wanted to know about document translation

How to ensure your documents or other texts receive the kind of professional translation you need.

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מכונת כתיבה
מכונת כתיבה

Everything you ever wanted to know about professional document translation

As technology advances and globalization spreads, the field of translation has become a vital requirement. This is especially true for businesses interested in expanding into other countries as a way of increasing company's activity and profitability. A large number of companies provide translation services to clients but not all companies are dependable, professional, and able to provide clients with a clear, customized translation of top quality. Do you need a document professionally translated? We’ve highlighted several parameters worth your consideration when choosing a translation company. Here’s our "cut and keep" list.

Make sure that the translation company runs quality control

Quality control is probably the first and foremost aspect to check when choosing your translation company. It’s important to keep in mind that we’re all human, and even a highly professional translator can make a mistake in the text or use a less precise word or sentence. That’s why you should ask your translation company about its quality control system, how documents are checked before being sent out, and what the procedure is if an error or problem occurs.

Don’t compromise on mother-tongue translators

When you want to translate a document from one language to another, make sure the target language into which the document will be translated is the translator’s mother tongue. Don’t compromise on “high level” or “comparable to mother tongue” for your target language, since each language has its own particular nuances. Mother tongue translators pick up on them when translating your document into the language you want it.


Although the working assumption should be that professionalism is the base line for a translation, too many clients don’t take this sufficiently into account. It’s important to make sure that the translation company you're going to work with has been producing professional translations for at least several years. This helps ensure that your translation will be precise, correct, and of a high quality.


When submitting your request to translate a document, pay attention to how communicative the translation company is: in other words, make sure there’s a way of speaking with company representatives by phone. Check their availability times and in general, pay attention to the quality of communication between you as the client, and the translation company’s representative. A company with good communication options and high accessibility will mean that problems can be quickly handled without delay.