Mid-term rental apartments perfect for longer visits to LA

These mid-term rental apartments are perfect for longer visits to Los Angeles.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Boutique 8 Apartments
Boutique 8 Apartments

We’ve heard of short term rentals. We’re accustomed to long-term rentals.

Here’s something less familiar: mid-term rentals.

Boutique 8 Apartments non

Boutique 8 Apartments is adding a novel spin to the rental market in Los Angeles while filling a unique need that isn’t conventionally addressed: Their properties rent for between one and six months.

This unique timeframe is perfect for a variety of individuals who aren’t staying long enough in Los Angeles to need a half-year lease, but for whom a short term rental - which usually charges by day - would be unnecessarily expensive.

Boutique 8’s roster of clients is impressive and attests to the variety of needs people have for this length of stay. The list includes tech executive on multi-month projects for companies like Google, Facebook, or Snapchat. It includes athletes like football players and marathon runners who come to train and compete in Los Angeles. And it includes students, newly married couples, people in the process of immigration, and even aesthetic surgery patients and long-term vacationers.

No matter what the reason for a multi-month visit to Los Angeles, Boutique 8’s apartments are superbly located and come fully furnished alongside WiFi and well-equipped kitchens; catering to every aspect of a person’s stay during their time in the city.