President Rivlin:
'The house you built is a beacon to us all'

President pays condolence visit to family of student murdered last week.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Dvir Sorek
Dvir Sorek
picture used with permission of family

President Reuben Rivlin held a condolence visit on Monday at the home of Corporal Dvir Sorek, who was killed in a terror attack near the Oz Tower in Gush Etzion last week.

The President comforted Dvir's parents, Rachel and Yoav, as well as the student's brother, grandfather, and grandmother.

"We at Beit HaNasi know about the home you have built because of our connection to you, Yoav, in our work on the ‘four tribes’ speech. I got to know your views and your critical thinking. For me, this home is a beacon for us all. A beacon of dialogue, of listening, of understanding that even if we disagree with one another's opinions, we will at least know each other. Everyone will tell the other about his world."

The family told the president about Dvir, about his love of the land and of walking its paths which gave him inner peace, and about his studies at yeshiva where he deepened his environmental studies. The president said that Dvir has been on his mind since he passed, and that he has read every bit of information about him that he has seen. “I cannot give you consolation,” he said. “I know, recently more than ever than ever, that loss cannot be consoled with words. But I hope you can find strength from the inspiration that Dvir has given us all as we have got to know his character.”