Murdered student's rabbi: He was a gentle, sweet boy

Rabbi Avraham Stav says it was a pleasure to teach Dvir Sorek, student murdered in stabbing attack last week.

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Dvir Sorek
Dvir Sorek
picture used with permission of family

Rabbi Avraham Stav, who taught Dvir Sorek at the Mahaneyim Yeshiva, described his former student in an interview with Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) Sunday.

"Even after two days from the beginning of the year, I sent a message to Yoav Sorek, 'Listen, I must tell you that I am very fond of your son,'" Rabbi Stav said.

"So he writes to me in response, 'you mean Dvir?' That's no shock. He's so sweet it's impossible not to be.' And he is right, no doubt. Dvir really was an extraordinary boy. Anyone who entered the Beit Midrash would be enamored by him.

"He would sit in class. He wouldn't talk much. He always looked very sharp and alert. He wouldn't ask a lot of questions, but then at the end of the class he would come and ask so gently, with some shyness, such questions as to make it clear to you that he understood the lesson maybe better than everyone else, maybe even better than [the teacher]," Rabbi Stav said.

Rabbi Stav described the last lesson he gave to Dvir before his murder Wednesday night. "On Sunday, it was the last class of the year at the yeshiva, he came up quietly after his class to say thank you for all the classes that were at the yeshiva. This is something not many students think about, this idea of ​​coming and showing appreciation, of giving the rabbi the feeling he was something meaningful to you."