Gay pride parade in Israeli Arab city?

A right-wing activist plans to lead a pride parade in the Arab city of Tamra. Will the police approve?

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Pride parade (illustrative)
Pride parade (illustrative)
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Right-wing activist Noam Federman has decided to initiate a pride parade in the Arab city of Tamra to expose the Arab sector's staunch opposition to the LGBTQ community to the Jewish public.

The idea of ​​holding the parade was born after the violent incident at the LGBTQ shelter in Tel Aviv, when a gay Arab was stabbed by his brother from Tamra due to his homosexual identity.

Following the stabbing, left-wing politicians blamed the incident on rabbis and even on Education Minister Rafi Peretz. Knesset members and leftist organizations claimed that the "atmosphere" created by the rabbis caused the Arab to harm his gay brother. No one expressed the thought that the violent act was committed due to Arab opposition to homosexuality.

Federman seeks to prove the intolerance to gays and lesbians on the Arab street which is what really what led to the stabbing in Tel Aviv.

"After the stabbing of the LGBTQ Arab teenager by his brother, a resident of Tamra, the LGBTQ terrorist organizations blamed it on the rabbis and the whole world and his wife," Federman said. "They even announced that the reaction would come in the form of a pride parade in Rosh Ha'ayin."

"For some reason, they didn't even consider Tamra and the Arab sector in general as being the problem," the right-wing activist added. "So in order to help them cross the psychological threshold, I'm organizing a pride parade in Tamra and I'm sure they will come en masse to the parade."

Federman filed an offical request to the police to hold the parade on Monday, August 19 from Clock Square in Tamra toward the city center.

At first, police thought Federman was joking, but they quickly realized he was serious. They responded that due to the sensitivity of his unprecedented request, it has been transferred to the National Headquarters of the Israel Police. "We are in favor of freedom of expression," police officers told him at the station and promised to update him when the parade was approved.

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