Report: Netanyahu wants Benny Gantz to join coalition

Netanyahu would support integrating only Gantz without the other Blue and White members, especially Yair Lapid.

Yehonatan Gottleib ,

Netanyahu at cabinet meeting March 17th, 2019
Netanyahu at cabinet meeting March 17th, 2019
Marc Selem Israel

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's confidants told Likud members that the prime minister will try to include Blue and White leader Benny Gantz and his party in the coalition after elections, according to a Kan News report on Thursday.

The report said that Netanyahu will promote the integration of Gantz into the coalition only with his Israel Resilience Party, without the other members of the Blue and White list, including Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid.

Other parties that Netanyahu wants in his future coalition after the elections according to those Knesset members, are the haredi parties and the United Right.

The Likud said in response to the report: "The prime minister is committed to forming a strong right-wing government immediately after the elections. The Likud must be the largest party in order for Prime Minister Netanyahu to be tasked with forming the government."

MK David Bitan confirmed the report in an interview on the radio, declaring: "We have no problem going with Gantz - without Yesh Atid."