Watch: IDF searches for terrorists who murdered soldier

Security forces deploy to find terrorists who stabbed Hesder yeshiva student to death, left his body on side of the road.

Gary Willig ,

IDF searches for terrorists
IDF searches for terrorists
IDF Spokesperson

The IDF is searching for the terrorists who stabbed Dvir Sorek,to death last night.

The body of the student/soldier was found with stab wounds at the side of the road between Efrat and Migdal Oz in the Etzion Regional Division.

Sorek's yeshiva said that he had gone to Jerusalem to buy books for the yeshiva, and at night was on his way back to the yeshiva.

At a certain point, contact was lost with him. At 7:30 pm police received a report of a missing person, and forces began extensive searches to locate the soldier. His body was found in the area of the Etzion Regional Brigade at 3 am.

The defense establishment is investigating the murder as a botched kidnapping attempt