Protecting babies or undermining the right to protest?

Parents fight to retain custody after bringing baby to demonstration.

Ben Shaul, Chana Roberts,

Rally calling for opposition candidates to be registered for elections to Moscow
Rally calling for opposition candidates to be registered for elections to Moscow

The Russian Prosecutorial Office on Tuesday published a suit in which the court is working to remove a one-year-old baby from his parents' custody due to the fact that they brought him to an illegal demonstration on July 27.

According to the Prosecutorial Office, the parents' actions endangered their son's health and safety.

The Prosecutorial Office also claims that the parents' actions show that they cannot be trusted and that they are not afraid of endangering their child. According to the suit, the parents handed their child to a third person - an individual charged with rioting - during the protest, in order to allow themselves to protest more actively.

BBC named the parents as Dmitry and Olga Prokazov, and according to Meduza, the third person was the child's uncle. The Moscow Times noted that the third person, Sergei Fomin, is Olga's cousin, and that the family was out for a walk when they came upon the protest.

Olga also said that the child was not harmed during the protest, and that the the family's home had been searched earlier this month.

The Prosecutorial Office is examining specific cases of parents who arrived with babies or minors to participate in the illegal demonstrations, and additional suits are expected to be filed in attempts to separate children from their "neglectful parents."

On Wednesday, The Moscow Times reported that the Prokazovs' lawyer told TASS that, "It’s been established that Fomin is a close relative of the child’s mother and the godfather of the Prokazov family’s children."