Saved from disaster on train tracks

Quick response from train-crossing inspectors prevents disaster when truck gets stuck on train track near Ashdod.

Orli Harari ,

The train crossing
The train crossing
Credit: Israel Railways

A truck got stuck on the train tracks near Ashdod on Tuesday morning just minutes before a passenger train passed by.

The alert systems, equipped with video motion detection cameras (VMDs) notified those in the area and the National Rail Command in real time The approaching train driver was able to make an emergency stop in time.

The crossing supervisor along with morning inspectors and vehicle drivers in the area assisted the truck driver in moving the truck from the tracks. Due to the incident, there was a several minute delay in train traffic in the area.

"All safety circuits operated as required, from supervisors and inspectors to camera and alert systems, but there is no substitute for drivers' caution," emphasized Ortal Alkabetz, shift manager at the safety hotline and the VMD camera operator.

"We come across many drivers who hurry into the crossing but delay passing over. Remember that the braking distance of a train is up to a kilometer (.6 miles) I urge drivers to slow down and exercise discretion before crossing train tracks."