Jewish man indicted for stabbing attack against Arabs

23-year-old Netanya man charged with nationalistically-motivated stabbing attack on a group of Arabs.

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Jail (archive)
Jail (archive)

Prosecutors in central Israel filed an indictment Tuesday morning against an Israeli Jewish man in connection with a stabbing attack targeting a group of Arabs in the coastal city of Netanya two weeks ago.

The suspect, 23-year-old Avraham Kasta, a resident of Netanya, allegedly attacked a group of Arabs who were sitting in a car near a mini-market in Netanya on July 26th.

According to the indictment, Kasta rode up to the car on his scooter, and asked the five Arab men sitting inside the car if they were Arabs.

When one of the occupants of the car answered in the affirmative, Kasta began cursing the men in the car, and demanded they leave the city. “You stinking Arabs get out of here,” Kasta said.

Kasta then drew a knife he was carrying on his person, reached in through the open car window and stabbed one of the Arab men in the face. Kasta proceeded to pound on the car, demanding the other Arab men exit the vehicle, while cursing them.

“You maniacs, dogs, we don’t want to see you here,” Kasta shouted.

Kasta later threatened the owner of the nearby minimarket, warning him that if he gave security camera footage from his store to police, Kasta would burn down the store.

One of the Arab men called police, prompting Kasta to threaten him with his knife. Kasta then fled the scene on his scooter.

Police officers later located Kasta at his home and arrested him. During the arrest, Kasta threatened the officers and one of the arresting officers’ mother.