'Liberman is not a rightist, he'll establish a left-wing gov't'

Likud MK Osnat Mark: Anyone who wants to ensure that there is a right-wing government must vote only for the Likud.

Hezki Baruch ,

Osnat Mark
Osnat Mark

MK Osnat Mark (Likud) explained in an interview with Arutz Sheva why Likud members had to sign a loyalty oath, vowing to back Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – and only Binyamin Netanyahu – for an additional term as premier.

"The oath does not come to prove who is loyal to the Prime Minister and who is not. The Prime Minister's status is established among the public and among Likud members and certainly among the Likud members of the Knesset," she said.

“The document comes to clarify one thing: The public who wants to see Binyamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister will vote for the Likud and receive Binyamin Netanyahu as Prime MSinister. No one will receive a different candidate. We are not Liberman who people vote for and eventually get a leftist government. Anyone who wants Netanyahu will vote for Likud. Period,” added Mark.

Blue and White says that despite the loyalty oath, they will continue to engage with officials in the Likud. What kind of contacts are they talking about?

“These are media spins. There are no contacts with Blue and White. The only contacts are between Benny Gantz and Ms. Omer Yankelevich and we do not know what kind of contacts they are. Let's see what Gantz gave to someone who was anonymous in Israeli politics. What did she do to reach the position of power and her status in Blue and White when members from all of Blue and White from all sectors, including Ya'alon and Lapid, do not understand how Gantz is pushing her to the center of the stage? These are the only contacts there are in Blue and White.”

Will Liberman go with Blue and White?

"Certainly. Liberman is no longer on the right. Anyone who wants to get a left-wing government should vote for Liberman. Liberman will only recommend Gantz. Liberman had the opportunity to form a right-wing government and he turned things around, and Liberman did that because he is no longer a right-wing man."

Will the United Right list headed by Shaked help Likud?

"If they had really wanted a big union, all the parties had would have been brought in. Today we understand that the alliance is only until after the elections. Whoever wants a right-wing government should vote for the Likud, I do not know if Shaked is truly on the right or not. We saw the negotiations and realize that this connection is not serious. Anyone who wants to ensure that there is a right-wing government must vote only for the Likud and receive Netanyahu."