Ramat Gan reels over 7-year-old's drowning death in Greece

Neighbors and friends try to digest the tragic story of the 7-yr. old who drowned in a pool in Crete. 'The community is completely broken.'

Sara Rubenstein ,

Swimming pool (illustration)
Swimming pool (illustration)
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Residents of Ramat Gan are reeling from the tragic news about beloved city residents whose 7-year old daughter drowned to death on Wednesday in a hotel pool in Crete.

The family, who have three other children, aged 17, 10, and 4, were on a family vacation in Greece when the tragedy occurred. In an ironic twist, the family's plans to vacation in a different location were canceled and at the last minute, they purchased a vacation package to Crete.

Ramat Gan city council member Hagar Yaakov, who is close to the parents, said on an interview with 103FM on Thursday, that the family's neighbors are shocked by the tragic news and are trying to help the family, according to a Maariv report.

"The community and the neighborhood are dismayed, completely broken," Yaakov said. "I'm going to meet them at the airport in the morning - a terrible task."

"We're in constant contact with the parents but I don't know anything about the circumstances [of the drowning]. I don't dare to ask them what happened. This is a beloved family who is well-known in the neighborhood. We can't imagine how it happened. Everyone is shocked. A tragedy has occurred in Ramat Gan, in the neighborhood. I don't have words to describe the tragedy."

"We're trying to help them personally and though the municipality. The municipality will supply tables and chairs. We're ready to help them, whether through psychological services, or through the education and welfare department."

Ramat Gan mayor Carmel Shama told Maariv Online: "I know the father and the daughter who would come to municipal events. A wonderful girl, full of life, an excellent family - it's heartbreaking. All the children are now enjoying summer vacation - and this girl's life ends in such a tragic way - everything changed in seconds. It's extremely painful for us. We're supporting the family and already finished dealing with the technical aspects. We'll move on now to supporting and embracing the family."

The Foreign Ministry stated earlier on Thursday that "the incident is known and is being handled by the Israelis Abroad Department at the Consular Division of the Foreign Ministry and the Israeli Consulate in Athens, which are assisting the family in returning the deceased for burial in Israel."