'Israel striving to establish Jewish state in Judea and Samaria'

Palestinian Authority claims Israel is striving to create settlement blocs that create a kind of Jewish state in Judea and Samaria.

Dalit Halevi ,

PA "foreign minister" Riad Al-Maliki
PA "foreign minister" Riad Al-Maliki
Flash 90

The Palestinian Authority’s “foreign ministry” on Tuesday blasted Israel's policy regarding Area C which is under Israeli security and civilian control.

According to the “ministry”, Israel is implementing a policy that considers the "occupied" Palestinian territories, which are included under the definition of Area C, a strategic area for settlement, to expand existing settlements, to establish new settlements and to pave roads for them.

The “foreign ministry” also claimed that the Israeli government's “settlement plan” is designed to create geographically connected settlement blocs that will create a sort of Jewish state of settlers on "occupied West Bank land".

It stressed that the Palestinian Arabs do not need the Israeli Prime Minister's consent to build on their homeland, and they reject Israeli attempts to deceive international public opinion on the grounds that the government allows Palestinian Arabs to build in the Palestinian territories.

The statement followed the Israeli Cabinet’s unanimous approval of plans to build 715 housing units in Palestinian Arab villages in Area C.

However, it is unclear whether these the plans are for building new housing units in those villages, or whether they are referring to the whitewashing of illegal buildings that already exist in the area.