Haredi parties afraid of losing votes to Ayelet Shaked?

Ahead of expected merger of New Right and United Right under Ayelet Shaked, haredi newspaper urges haredim not to vote for rightist list.

Ben Shaul ,

Haredi voting (illustrative)
Haredi voting (illustrative)
Nati Shohat/Flash 90

An article published Monday morning in the haredi Hamevaser newspaper explained why haredim should avoid voting for the United Right list headed by Ayelet Shaked.

In his editorial, Hamevaser editor Binyamin Lipkin wrote: "The United Right declared itself yesterday, in a way which cannot be misinterpreted, that it cannot be under consideration for a haredi Jew who is careful about both light and severe issues, when he goes to the voting booth on Tuesday, Elul 17 (September 17)."

"A haredi Jew does not want and cannot give his vote to a party headed by a woman who does not keep Torah and mitzvot (G-d's commandments - ed.). Anyone who is enticed, G-d forbid, even to think of such a vote announces at that moment that he is not a haredi.

"The current joint list, other than the fact that it contributes to reducing the chance of unnecessarily losing votes and somewhat reducing the danger of not having a right-wing government, also includes a clear directional call to anyone who is not sure of himself and may go blindly after false wishes and promises."

Urging the haredi community to give its vote to a party which will "faithfully represent" its worldview, Lipkin added: "It is also worth remembering something else, for those who tend to forget it despite it being very basic. Perhaps due to the heavy heat and humidity which may fog the clarity of mind of some of those living in Israel: Preferring a party headed by a woman who has nothing to do with the observance of Torah and mitzvot because of her correct ideological stance on foreign affairs and security is like taking a delicious bite of a layer of butter while making a conscious decision to forego the bread."