Progress in talks between New Right, United Right

Meeting continues until early hours of Monday morning, negotiating teams agree to meet later Monday to continue talks.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Rabbi Peretz, Naftali Bennett, and Ayelet Shaked
Rabbi Peretz, Naftali Bennett, and Ayelet Shaked
New Right spokesperson

Leaders of the United Right and New Right parties continued negotiating the terms of their joint technical bloc into the night.

The sides reported that the meeting went well and that progress was made, but that they have not yet reached a final agreement.

The negotiating teams agreed to meet again in the morning to continue the negotiations.

On Sunday, United Right Chairman Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz agreed to move aside and allow New Right Chairwoman Ayelet Shaked to lead a joint right-wing technical bloc.

"I’m happy to announce that I spoke with Ayelet Shaked just minutes ago. We agreed that, out of a sense of national responsibility and concern for the formation of a right-wing government and the religious Zionist [sector], Ayelet will lead the United Right," he tweeted Sunday.

Polls have consistently shown that a joint list led by Shaked will bring significantly more votes.

Prior to Sunday night's meeting, Rabbi Peretz said: "We see the unity as something of utmost importance, and a right-wing government stands at the top of the priority list, together with the good of Religious Zionism. From this sense of national responsibility, , I decided that Ayelet will be in the top spot in the United Right, and we will figure out the details and get started together."

New Right leader Naftali Bennett said: "Only a large right-wing bloc led by Shaked will prevent a left-wing government. We will meet in another few minutes with Rabbi Rafi in order to create a large right-wing bloc with all the right-wing parties. We understand that we won't agree on everything, but in order to preserve a right-wing government we need a large bloc. I expect everyone will receive representation, we will honor everyone and we very much believe in this process."

Shaked joined the meeting later on, saying: "As you've seen and heard, we are headed towards unity. I believe in this and have been working on it for a while already. I believe that we will reach conclusions tonight, so that we can move to the second stage - trying to bring all the right-wing parties into a united right."