The power behind Rabbi Dovid Trenk

Rabbi Dovid Trenk, legendary Lakewood rebbe and founder of Moreshes Yehoshua Yeshiva, passed away earlier this month at age 77.

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Rabbi Dovid (left)
Rabbi Dovid (left)


It’s beginning to sink in. What a loss! Our beloved Rebbe, Rav Dovid Trenk ztz"l, was the most vibrant, lively, loving person that we ever encountered. His boundless energy, constant enthusiasm and perpetual positivity were incredible! He was always there for us, he believed in us and he uplifted us. And he made us believe in ourselves so that we became better people and we accomplished more and reached higher goals.

And now he’s gone! And we miss him so much!

But as difficult as it is for us, Rebbe’s talmidim and admirers, there’s somebody for whom the loss is much deeper and more personal. The Rebbetzin stood by Rebbe’s side for decades as his partner, soulmate and, as Rebbe often said, his greatest source of strength. Rebbe’s accomplishments were HER accomplishments. With Rebbe gone, her loss is greatest of all!

To those of us who were fortunate enough to spend time in their presence, every ordinary interaction between Rebbe and the Rebbetzin was a lesson in derech eretz, kavod habriyos and shalom bayis! The love and respect that they shared was palpable! And while we may have thought of it as Rebbe being there for us, it was also the Rebbetzin who was there for us. With an open heart and an open house, standing by Rebbe’s side, advising, guiding, feeding talmidim, providing a place for someone to stay, doing the office work and a myriad of endless tasks, she was constantly available.

And now the Rebbetzin needs us. As she reorganizes her life and shifts her focus, it is our privilege and responsibility to be there for her, easing her burden so that she can deal with her loss and continue her work with peace of mind. Our goal is to raise $500,000 by the end of shloshim. Please help the Rebbetzin by donating generously and share!