Miracle in Lod

Stray bullet strikes residential building in Lod less than a week after 9-year-old girl shot.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

shooting (illustration)
shooting (illustration)

A bullet fired by Arabs in the city of Lod hit a window in a residential apartment inhabited by Jews. Miraculously, there were no casualties.

The shooting began at a shop in Lod. A police car that was called to the scene began chasing those suspected of shooting at the building.

Last week, an Arab girl was hurt by stray gunfire, and residents in Lod are concerned about the decline in personal security.

"The truth is that we have been quiet lately, but one bullet is enough to kill a little boy asleep in his bedroom," said

Meir Liyush, a resident of the city who lives in a nearby building.

Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan and Deputy Police Commissioner Moti Cohen will arrive on Sunday for a tour of Lod together with Mayor Yair Revivo.

City Councilman Amichai Langfeld said that "this shooting incident has joined a wave of recent shooting incidents. What is common to all the recent events is the brazenness of the criminals and the harm done to innocent people ... In the previous incident, an 9-year-old girl escaped with her life when a bulltet struck a few millimeters from her pancreas, and today a bullet hit a residential apartment in the city."

"The responsibility for these difficult events is the responsibility of the Israel Police. The Lod station commander today one of the best commanders in the city. But if an intifada breaks out, even the best battalion will need a significant reinforcement.

"The police have done many things to strengthen law and order, but it seems that solving the problem of weapons in the Arab sector requires more significant external reinforcement. There are excellent policemen and cannons, generals, and dedicated commanders - but in the test of the result there is no dispute that this is not enough.

"The municipality, on its part, also needs to do a thorough examination of the need to increase the treatment, and the goal is very clear: governance. We must step up activity in all areas to strengthen governance in the city, and despite the recent actions, and despite the increase in cameras and the increased supervision and enforcement of policing and security vehicles, the bottom line is that it is still not enough," Landfeld said.