Barak: I will run till the end

Democratic Israel chairman makes clear he does not intend to step down.

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Ehud Barak
Ehud Barak
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Democratic Israel chairman Ehud Barak held a meeting in the city of Savyon on Wednesday evening and discussed the issue of an alliance between the parties on the left.

"If in the end there will be no unification, we will have to point and identify those leaders who prevented the unification of forces and the overthrow of the government," Barak warned.

He added, "They ask if I will step down. I will not step down."

"I call on the leaders of Blue and White, Meretz and Labor to unite and focus on replacing the Netanyahu regime. It does not matter to me what my spot will be, 2nd place or 10th place, if what is achieved is the replacement of the regime," Barak said.

He told the audience, "I have returned to a last public mission. To bring an end to the Netanyahu regime. This regime threatens the Zionist vision and the State of Israel. It is necessary to understand that what counts is the size of the bloc and not the size of the party. There was anemia and low energy in the previous elections. Without bluntness and directness, elections cannot be won."