Rabbi Druckman will set no boundaries for negotiations

Rabbi Druckman says unity is necessary and every action should be taken to prevent losing votes.

Shimon Cohen,

Rabi Druckman
Rabi Druckman
Flash 90

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Bnei Akiva yeshivas head Rabbi Chaim Druckman refers to the steps taken by the Right-leaning parties, while stating that he will not impose prohibitions or limits on political efforts to bring about unification.

"There's only the necessity that no vote be lost. Everyone should vote in the direction of preserving the Land of Israel, which is the soul of our character. Therefore, we must do things in a very responsible manner," he says, expressing satisfaction with the call from the religious Zionist public, which is interested in unity and transmitting messages in this spirit to its leaders.

"I'm pretty sure that in the end - there isn't much time - but these are very responsible people and in the next few days we'll be able to congratulate the principals, roll up our sleeves and make sure the people of Israel vote in the right direction."

As for the question about Ayelet Shaked, not religiously observant, being at the top of the list, Rabbi Druckman refuses to comment directly and says: "I admit that I don't want to discuss it even though I have a position on the matter. Israel and for the good of the matter. I want things to be settled in the right direction, without pressure, for the benefit of the People of Israel and for the sake of the issue itself." He said that only when things are agreed upon, should there be interest in his position, will he publish it.

Rabbi Druckman was asked if there is a difference between a reality in which the religious Zionist list is based on a secular person and a reality in which the religious Zionist party maintains independent autonomy, and only the head of the united list, the political-technical bloc, is a non-observant person.

"In principle, there can be differences; certainly the head of religious Zionism must be a religious Zionist person both in outlook and in his practical way of life, but I don't want to say more because that would be me intervening and I don't want to interfere because I trust people who all want the good of the matter. Nothing is personal, and no one here is worried about his ego but about the matter itself. I hope that once it's all over, Israel will be satisfied and the masses will support this list."