Disney to launch its own airline?

Reports said Disney would launch themed flights with Magic Kingdom-related perks. Disney: Reports are unfounded, incorrect.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Disney-themed plane (illustrative)
Disney-themed plane (illustrative)

Disney denied rumors that it plans to launch its own airline to fly visitors to and from Orlando, Florida.

According to a report from Just Disney, the airline was scheduled to launch in 2021 and feature in-flight meals as well as themed flights and characters, with songs playing during the boarding process.

The report also claimed that Disney would buy smaller regional carriers to launch its airline, and serve Detroit, Chicago, New York's La Guardia, and Los Angeles, offering one free checked bag to anyone staying at one of Disney's resorts.

However, a Disney spokesperson told the Sun Online Travel that the rumors are "unfounded" and the reports "incorrect."

The Sun pointed out that Disney does have its own airport, but it is no longer in use.