'Shaked must lead a unified right to strengthen Netanyahu’

After concluding a 'fact finding' tour in Israel, Dr. Joe Frager reflects on the meeting with former Justice Minister Shaked.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked
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As the fact finding mission to Israel organized by Dr. Joseph Frager and Chovevei Zion concludes, Dr. Frager looks back at one of the political meetings of the tour which is of much public interest these days: the special briefing with former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.

Dr. Frager says he made it clear to Shaked the he supports her as the leader of the United Right party for the upcoming elections. According to many reports, the question of who will be picked as the leader of the joint list is an issue of debate and many polls show that Shaked would bring the best results at the polls.

"Since the United Right has the best chance of getting the most seats in the Knesset with Ayelet Shaked at the top, then she should be appointed to be number one," Dr. Frager says. "I am familiar with Shaked's activities, agenda and political capabilities and I am sure that a large variety of the society will connect and support."

Regarding the option which he and other leading activists support of Shaked joining the Likud, Frager adds: "At this point, as we are hearing of the option of a less nationalist government after the elections. It is crucial to strengthen a political unified body that will be unapologetically supportive of the Jewish communities in the entire Land of Israel and prevent any concessions that can, as we have learned from experience, only bring a deterioration in Israel's security."

"Israel's current Prime Minister [Binyamin Netanyahu] has done amazing things for the benefit of Israel and the Jewish people," Frager emphasizes. "Shaked must lead a unified right to strengthen Netanyahu."

Dr. Frager plans to continue the special activity of bringing politicians, media personalities and public figures to Israel for 'fact-finding' tours.

"It's not only about strengthening the US-Israel relations," he explains, "It's about creating more ambassadors who come home with one main souvenir from Israel - the truth."