Israeli Arab sheikh: Muslims will never allow non-Muslim rule

Friday sermon in Israel: 'Infidels should know that when we rule according to Islam, there will not be single law that is not Islamic.'

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Who die by the sword
Who die by the sword

Sheikh Ahmad Badran said in a Friday sermon in Jatt, Israel that the infidels should know that when the Muslims rule over them according to Islam, there will not be a single law that is not Islamic, reports the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

He said that Muslims will never allow non-Muslims to rule over Muslims because Allah said infidels will never have sway over Muslims.

Referring to Muslims who say that they are exploiting democracy in order to come to power, Badran advised infidels to not be fooled and explained that once these Muslims come to power, they, too, will never allow infidels to rule over Muslims.

He also explained that when the Muslim Brotherhood "flirts" with infidels by saying they support alternation of power, they are just putting on an act in order to rise to power. He added that Muslims do not accept under any circumstances a pluralistic system that combines Islam and heresy.