Netanyahu: I want to train the next generation of leadership

PM on whether he intends to bring Ayelet Shaked into the Likud: My political experience says this question should not be answered.

Orli Harari ,

Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu

This weekend, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will become the Israeli Prime Minister who has served in that role for the longest number of days, leaving David Ben-Gurion in second place.

"We have turned Israel into a rising world power," Netanyahu said in a special interview with the Israel Hayom newspaper, which will be published in full on Friday. "We discovered that we can leverage the basic qualities of this people to extraordinary strengths.”

"This nation has extraordinary strengths in economy, in security, in statesmanship. We have proven that Israel can be transformed from a small country that is located in the corner of the Middle East into a central force in the world," he added.

While it was once claimed that all the problems in the Middle East are a product of the Palestinian issue, Netanyahu said, “Today there is no one who seriously makes that claim. Even our sworn enemies are ashamed to say that, because the fight here is between the Middle Ages and modernism - between the tyranny of radical Islam and the forces of freedom. It's the simplest fight: Confronting Islamic fundamentalism that wants to take over the Middle East first and then the whole world."

On the question of whether the current goal is to bring down the Iranian regime or to negotiate on improving the nuclear agreement, the Prime Minister said, "I will not mourn if the regime falls, but there can also be a change within the regime."

Discussing the second election for the Knesset that was imposed on the citizens of Israel, Netanyahu said, "The choice in the next elections will be for who will be the next Prime Minister: Me, with my abilities, or Benny Gantz who is inexperienced. Gantz cannot operate in the various arenas. He also does not share the same political and security concepts, even if he tries to blur that.”

“In order to be the leader of the State of Israel today, one should be able to play on the world court. If he cannot work with the various forces in the United States, and with other elements in the world, Israel will not continue to advance in its current path,” he added.

The Prime Minister was asked whether he intends to include Ayelet Shaked in the Likud, and replied, "I have gained political, security and economic experience, and my political experience says that this question should not be answered."

Regarding the future, he said, "I want to train the next generation of leadership," and stressed that he attributes great importance to this effort in the next term.