"It's the day-to-day at the heart of the US-Israel relationship"

US Amb. senior advisor says actions like the embassy move represent the culmination of the relations, while the 'heart' is in the daily work

Yoni Kempinski ,

Rabbi Lightstone (left) at briefing
Rabbi Lightstone (left) at briefing
Eliran Aharon

Senior advisor to US Ambassador to Israel Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone addressed a special briefing organized by Dr. Joe Frager, Chovevei Zion and Arutz Sheva Wednesday.

Rabbi Lightstone praised the delegation led by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and the organizers of the briefing for their work on the US-Israel relationship.

"We all have moments in our life that are those moments when we connect deeply with our creator. There are those highs that you can't even articulate, you can't describe," he said. "There aren't words that are created in our vocabulary in order to be able to describe that. But that's not the life that we live."

"If you try to live in between a marriage and Yom Kippur and a trip to Israel, what are you doing on those days in-between? More days are in-between than those days. That's why the most important verse in the Bible is [about] what do you do every single morning and what do you do every single afternoon? How do you conduct yourself? How do you live your life?

"The answer is, look, you can move the embassy, you can have Jerusalem recognized, you can have the recognition of the Golan [Heights]. We can go through the entire litany that the ambassador and many other have gone through," he explained. "But on a day to day basis, the strength of the US-Israel relationship is what's happening at this table. It's the people to people relationship. It's the shared values that we have. It's the shared opportunities that we have."

"It's our shared future which we have together," Rabbi Lightstone added. "We are so intrinsically linked with each other that if we just focused on the big things, we're gonna lose out on how we get there."