Watch: New immigrants welcomed upon landing in Israel

Hundreds of immigrants from France, South America and Eastern Europe land in Israel. Absorption Minister: 'Significant increase in Aliyah.'

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 7:21 PM

Galant and Olim
Galant and Olim
Minister's Spokesperson

Hundreds of immigrants arrived today from France, South America and Eastern Europe.

Among those who welcomed them upon their arrival was immigrant and absorption minister Yoav Galant. "I was pleased to receive more than 200 new immigrants (Olim) from three continents today, including young people who will soon enlist in the IDF and dozens of children and young people who will join the education system in September."

"The absorption of immigrants from all over the world in the State of Israel is an important goal in itself and an essential need in the production of the strength of the State of Israel and for the strengthening of the Jewish people."

The Minister noted that "this year there is a significant increase in immigration (Aliyah), about 25% more than last year, and since the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption has absorbed about 17,000 new immigrants."

"The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption is doing everything it can to enable these immigrants to adapt to Israel in the best possible way. We will continue to work energetically to encourage aliyah and to absorb thousands of additional immigrants this summer," concluded Minister Galant.