Secular Israelis protest haredim moving into city

Spokesperson says residents have no problem with haredim, are protesting only extremists.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Secular Israelis living in the northern town of Harish on Friday demonstrated opposite centers selling apartments, protesting the sale of apartments to haredim, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

Ilan Iluz, CEO of J Handasa, told Kikar Hashabbat: "I appreciate the respectful way the demonstrators are protesting, and one of our representatives met with them. In a democratic country, I will fight for their right to express their opinions. However, the haredim's right to buy apartments is no less than the demonstrators' rights."

"I am certain that in two years, both sides will be good neighbors and work together to make Harish flourish."

Yossi Mizrahi, a spokesperson for the secular demonstrators, told Kikar Hashabbat that "the conflict is not against religious people or haredim. It is only against an extremist group which does not fit the character of the city."

Originally, some of the contractors intended Harish to be a haredi city, but not enough haredim bought into the projects. However, according to the site, several weeks ago, J. Handasa, which is building the Hadar Harish project, began selling dozens of apartments to Toldot Aharon hasidim. The project includes six buildings including a total of 120 apartments.