Hasidic man beaten, robbed in Catskills

Orthodox Jewish man walking to synagogue suffers broken nose and facial trauma during mugging in the Catskills.

David Rosenberg ,

Police line (stock)
Police line (stock)

A Jewish man was injured during a robbery in the Catskills in New York Friday night, suffering a broken nose, the Yeshiva World News reported.

The attack occurred Friday night in the town of Monticello, as the victim was making his way to synagogue for Sabbath prayers.

According to local police, the victim was confronted by a black man riding a bicycle around Park Avenue.

During the encounter, the assailant demanded money from the victim. When the Jewish man explained that he was not carrying a wallet or money with him since it was the Sabbath, the suspect assaulted him.

The dazed victim later walked into the local synagogue bloodied with a number of injuries, including a broken nose, and missing his shoes, glasses and shtreimel fur hat.

While the victim initially said he did not require medical attention, refusing offers from other synagogue-goers to call for help, at around midnight he called the local Jewish medical responder group, Hatzolah.

The man was later evacuated to the Catskill Regional Medical Center where was treated for his facial injuries.