Jewish cafe owner in Melbourne targeted by online anti-Semitism

Granddaughter of Holocaust survivors whose Melbourne cafe was hit with swastika graffiti becomes target of online anti-Semitic trolling.

Marcy Oster, JTA ,

Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia

A Jewish-owned café in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia was hit with an anti-Semitic comment on a social media review days after a swastika was sprayed on her business twice in one week.

The internet review of the café in Chadstone in south-east Melbourne read: “Auschwitz has better food than this, who do you keep trying to impress me with this?”

The posted review also read: “Auschwitz also came with a pool, soccer field, hospital along with 10 other facilities for your convenience and you still cry over it.”

The owner, Aliza Shuvaly, is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, a fact which she made public after her establishment was hit twice in one week with a swastika and graffiti that denied the Holocaust. On July 8, the café was spray-painted with the words: “The Holocaust didn’t happen but it should have,” as well as a large blue swastika. Four days earlier, the graffiti read: “The Holocaust is a lie.”