Feiglin: We are more right-wing than the United Right

Zehut party chairman says he can run together with the New Right, but doesn't have enough in common with the Jewish Home and National Union.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90

Zehut party chairman Moshe Feiglin explained on Thursday why he would not join a technical bloc with the United Right and would prefer to create a single list with the New Right party.

"When we say that we will not go with the United Right, it's not because they are bad people or we are fighting with them. There are good people there as in any other party," Feiglin said in a live chat on Facebook.

"When you want to get from Tel Aviv to Metula and you take a bus to Haifa, it will take you most of the way, and the rest of the way, from Haifa to Metula, you'll have to figure something out. But when you want to get to Metula you cannot take a bus to Eilat," he said.

Feiglin explained the parable: "In order to have a connection there must be a significant enough overlap that it does not create a fundamental contradiction to a large part of your constituents. For Zehut, the entire idea of ​​freedom is to get the State out of our business. This idea does not contradict the New Right. [New Right chairman] Naftali [Bennett] already speaks from the platform of Zehut."

"But all the United Right's etatism and deep-statism is not suitable for us and does not connect with us. It will remove us from a large part of our base - young people who need the central message of freedom," said the chairman of the Zehut Party.

According to Feiglin, as far as the Land of Israel is concerned, he is more right-wing than the members of the Jewish Home and the National Union: "It is true that in the matter of the Land of Israel proper, we are more or less in the same place and we can even say that we are more right-wing than them, but this is a section from a large and broad platform. In all the other elements there is no overlap so, we do not see how this could work."