Court rejects petition against Likud-Kulanu merger

Tel Aviv District Court rejects petition of two Likud MKs against the merger of the Kulanu party with the Likud.

Hezki Baruch ,

Michal Shir
Michal Shir
Elad Gutman

The Tel Aviv District Court on Wednesday evening rejected a petition filed by two MKs from the Likud against the merger of the Kulanu party with the Likud and the reserving of four spots on the joint Likud-Kulanu list in the upcoming elections for members of Kulanu.

MKs Ariel Kallner and Michal Shir had petitioned the court after their petition to the Likud court against the merger was rejected.

The judge ruled that after reviewing the ruling of the party's court and hearing the arguments of the sides, the request should be rejected, though he noted that he had hesitations on the matter.

The Likud demanded that the petition be dismissed outright and noted that courts generally do not intervene in internal decisions of party institutions unless it is an extreme case.