Education Ministry to take control of daycare centers

PM, Education Minister agree to transfer authority over daycare centers to Education Ministry starting with formation of the next government

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

הרב רפי פרץ
הרב רפי פרץ
Yossi Ipargon/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz agreed on Monday that the Daycare Department would be transferred to the Education Ministry following the elections in September.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said live on his Facebook page that "beyond cameras, training toddlers and basic supervision - I have now agreed with Minister of Education Rafi Peretz that we will transfer the operation of the day care centers to the Education Ministry. This is a necessary step. We talked about it yesterday in the government and we made a decision today."

Education Minister Peretz thanked Netanyahu for the move: "I thank the Prime Minister for accepting our request, and starting with the next government, the office will be transferred to the Ministry of Education. I informed the office director general Shmuel Abuav in order to take the centers into the ministry, and one of the issues that we raised when we entered the Ministry of Education was the issue of protection."

"The protection of children should be on the whole continuum, from birth, through daycare, to primary and secondary schools. We have to make sure our children are protected in every sense. The Ministry of Education is the best and most professional place to supervise the birth of children up to three years," Peretz added.