Barak: Netanyahu relies on 'Kahanists,' we won't sit with him

Barak continues attack on Netanyahu, who he says allies with 'messianic Kahanists' before whom Shamir would exit Knesset when they spoke.

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Ehud Barak
Ehud Barak
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Ehud Barak vowed not to sit in a coalition with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

"We will not sit in any situation with Netanyahu. Our goal is to replace Netanyahu and create a large bloc that will act with great energy against Netanyahu," Barak said Sunday morning to Arye Golan on Reshet Bet.

In his remarks, Barak sharply criticized Netanyahu's conduct of "an attack on the justice system and human rights and a takeover by his associates of the media ... He undermines the IDF's values."

Barak believes that there exists "an alliance of a person who lost all compass and restraint with messianic people not of the settlers, with whom I disagree, but who are idealists. He relies on the Kahanists, before whom [former Prime Minister Yitzhak] Shamir would leave the Knesset plenum when they got up to speak."

"See the traffic jams and queues in the emergency departments. This is what interests the public, which wants to change the reality in which children do not have equal opportunities and there are no opportunities for housing for young couples."

When asked about the chances of his party sitting in the government together with the Likud without Netanyahu, Barak replied: "The Netanyahu regime needs to be replaced. They are a group of people with no spine.There's nothing there. They flatter and kiss up to him."

Barak said that his new 'Israeli Democracy' party does not fit with the conventions of the right or left of Israeli politics. "I am in favor of an agreement in the end. Control from the river to the sea will ultimately lead to a non-Jewish or undemocratic state. This is not the state of Israel to which Herzl, Ben-Gurion, and Rabin dreamed. The extreme right has incited hatred in Israel to false messianism that delays the end, provokes world powers and sows baseless hatred, which have brought about disasters."