Israeli tour guide found dead in Georgia

Uri Bar, 58, found dead after hours of searching.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Uri Bar
Uri Bar
צילום: ללא קרדיט

Uri Bar, a 58-year-old Israeli tour guide living in Georgia, was found dead in the country's Kazbegi region, near the Georgia-Russia border.

Bar had been living in Georgia for several years, working as a tour guide, when he went missing Monday morning.

His body was found after several hours of searching aided by local rescue forces.

Smadar Tzemach Ratzabi, the Israeli Consul in Georgia, and the Foreign Ministry's Department for Israelis Abroad have been aware of the issue since Bar went missing and are now working to bring his body to Israel.

Bar's remains, which he requested be donated to science, are expected to arrive in Israel on Thursday.