Israel bans sweets and chewing gum in form of cigarettes

Israel bans sweets and chewing gum in form of cigarettes, plans heavy fines for violators.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


The sale of candy and chewing gum in the form of cigarettes will be banned from Monday, as part of the Prohibition on Advertising and Restriction of Marketing of Tobacco Products Law.

"Cigarettes and sweets in the form of cigarettes have been marketed in Israel for decades, and have given dangerous cigarettes the status of a legitimate product," the Israel Cancer Association said. "Their sale will now be completely forbidden."

The Association emphasized that its goal is "to prevent smoking and addiction among young people."

Individuals violating the law will be fined NIS 75,300 ($21,071), while corporations will be fined NIS 150,600 ($42,142).

Smoking kills someone every four seconds, and 165,000 children under five die each year due to secondhand smoke.

One study by Joannie Lortet-Tieulent, M.Sc., of the American Cancer Society, Atlanta, and coauthors showed that 28.6% of all cancer deaths in the US in 2014 were attributable to smoking.