The woman who found out she was a ‘Crypto-Jew'

What is it like to discover after being raised as a Christian all your life that you and your family are really…Jewish?

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There’s a series of intriguing videos on YouTube offering you to take a peek at the Crypto-Jews. What are Crypto-Jews? They were SECRET Jews, who were forced to convert to Catholicism under the Church during the evil Spanish inquisition.

This show is about one woman’s journey and her discovery after being raised in the church that she was Jewish.

Devorah Esther, our guest, is the creator of the DocuSeries “The Last Anusah”. Anusah, in Hebrew, literally means someone who was raped, or FORCED – and in this instance, it refers to the Jews of Spain, Portugal and other countries under the Inquisition, who were forced to give up their Judaism and convert to Catholicism.

Devorah Esther’s intriguing videos that present her story are available to watch on YouTube. They chronicle not only her journey from Christianity to Orthodox Judaism, but also the discovery of her family’s secret Jewish history and the community-wide practice of Crypto-Judaism or hidden Judaism, till this day.