Jewish Home Chairman:
No project contributed to IDF, State like pre-army prep schools

Education Minister responds to Liberman attack on pre-military prep programs: 'Thousands educated to give, volunteer for State and People.'

Rabbi Rafi Peretz ,

Yossi Ifergan, GPO

The walls of the memorial room in the Otzem pre-army preparatory program in the settlement of Neveh Matarim are adorned with pictures of graduates were killed in the Israeli army, together with its students who were murdered in the terror attack at the Atzmona preparatory course. The Mechina students who gave their lives for the people of Israel and for the defense of the homeland.

This morning a politician rose and decided that the students of the preparatory schools and religious Zionism were enemies of the people and came out against them furiously.

There was no educational project that contributed to the army and the State like the pre-military preparatory programs. Thousands of boys are being educated to give and volunteer for the State and the people, in the army and in civilian life.

The faces of the fallen in the memorial room are the faces of the preparatory students. An Israeli spirit that beats among them, and it is precisely at them that his fury was directed.

While Israeli society needs unity and healing, the same politician only fuels the fire and deepens the polarization. Maybe this time the electoral threshold will prove for him and for us a blessing.