Watch: Stealing from a thief

Police locate bag robber - only to discover he stole the bag from someone else.

Orly Harari ,

Arrest of the suspect
Arrest of the suspect
Israel Police spokesperson

Israel Police arrested a 23-year-old Jerusalem Arab on suspicion of robbing a bag from a man riding in a taxi near the city's entrance.

As the investigation progressed, investigators discovered that the stolen property - a bag containing cellular phones - did not belong to the person riding in the taxi. Instead, the taxi rider, from whom it was stolen, appears to have stolen the bag from someone else.

At that point, the robbery victim became a suspect, and after additional investigations using advanced technological means, investigators succeeded in locating the legal owners of one of the cellular phones: A tourist couple vacationing in Israel.

The couple was invited to collect their cellular phone a day before leaving Israel. They thanked the investigators for their work and for exposing the suspect who stole the phones, which had photos of their visit in Israel.

Jerusalem's Magistrates Court extended the robbery suspect's arrest, and an indictment was filed last week.

The other suspect, 55, is still being interrogated, and efforts are being made to locate the legal owners of the other cellular phones.