Netanyahu: More evidence soon Iran lied all along'

PM calls on EU to act to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons as Islamic Republic violates nuclear deal.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that more evidence would be revealed soon that Iran has lied about its nuclear program.

Speaking at the outstanding reserve unit ceremony held at the President's Residence in Jerusalem Monday, Netanyahu said that "Iran today announced that it was breaching its explicit commitment when it crossed the 300 kilogram mark in uranium enrichment, and Iran is moving ahead with a significant step in the production of nuclear weapons."

"When we exposed Iran's secret nuclear archive, we proved that the entire nuclear agreement with Iran is based on one big lie. Now even Iran admits it. Soon there will be more proof that Iran has lied all the time."

The Prime Minister sent a firm message to the European countries and demanded that they act. "I repeat: Israel will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. On this day, I also call upon all European countries: Your conditions have been violated. They committed themselves to act as soon as Iran violated the nuclear agreement, committing you to use the mechanism of automatic sanctions set by the Security Council. So I say to you: do it. Do it. Just do it."