Trump: Kim Jong-un follows my Twitter

US Pres. Trump says North Korea's Kim Jong-un was 'very receptive' to invitation, adds he'd be 'very comfortable' stepping into North Korea.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in Vietnam
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in Vietnam

US President Donald Trump on Saturday spoke about his upcoming meeting with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

Speaking at the G-20 conference in Japan, Trump said: "I’ll be leaving now, as you know, for South Korea."

"I understand that we may be meeting with Chairman Kim. And we’ll find out. We spoke with the people. Kim Jong Un was very receptive. He responded. And so, we’ll see. Because tomorrow we’re going to the DMZ (de-militarized zone - ed.)."

When asked if he would "step across the border" to North Korea, Trump responded: "Sure, I would. I would. I'd feel very comfortable doing that. I would have no problem."

"I said, 'While I’m there, I’ll shake his hand.' We get along. There’s been no nuclear tests. There’s been no long-range ballistic tests. Gave us back our hostages, which was great. And a lot of good things are happening over there.

"So I let him know we’ll be there, and we’ll see. I mean, I don’t -- I can’t tell you exactly, but they did respond very favorably."

Trump also said he "guesses" Kim follows his Twitter account since he "got a call very quickly" after tweeting an invitation for Kim to "shake his hand."

"A lot of people follow it," he added. "But, you know, they've contacted us and they'd like to see if they can do something. And we're not talking about for, you know, extended. Just a quick hello. And we get along. I get along with him and I get along with other people."

"I really have great relationships with everybody."