Ex PA official slams 'collaborators with occupation' in Bahrain

PA residents who attended Bahrain workshop are 'collaborators' who will be 'seriously punished' in business, ex senior PA official says.


Ex PA official in studio
Ex PA official in studio

Palestinian Authority (PA) residents who attended the US-led Bahrain workshop are “collaborators with the occupation” and will be “seriously punished” in their business, ex PA official Ashraf Al-Ajrami told Yishai Fleisher on i24News.

“They are collaborators, isolated from Palestinian society,” he said. “There is no chance they will succeed even in business.”

“They will be punished. They cannot do any business in the Palestinian territories. Punished by the public, by isolating them, not dealing with them. They will be punished totally, even in business.”

Yishai Fleisher, who serves as the international spokesman for the Jewish community in Hebron, responded that the Jews will never leave Judea and Samaria.

“We think it’s our ancestral homeland, we have half a million people living there. The two state solution has failed, Oslo is the past, Bahrain is the future. There are new opportunities. If it wasn’t for the PA, there would be thousands of people from the PA in Bahrain right now talking about opportunities.

“The PA is a violent, thuggish organization that suppresses the will of decent people who want to live in peace with Israel,” Fleisher said.