Feiglin: There will be connections

"We cannot wait another generation to bring Zehut's philosophy," says party chairman.

Orli Harari ,

Moshe Feiglin
Moshe Feiglin
From the live broadcast

The chairman of the Zehut party, former Knesset member Moshe Feiglin, discussed on Thursday the possibility of running for the Knesset in a technical bloc with other right-wing parties.

"We cannot wait another generation to bring Zehut’s philosophy. The entire world already understands the idea of ​​the free market, the idea of ​​abundance, we have to bring it to Israel and we must bring it with force," Feiglin said in a live broadcast on his Facebook page.

Feiglin added that in the last few days he was approached by parties that offered him reserved spots on their Knesset list, but rejected the offers. "I have been receiving very significant offers from all kinds of parties, receiving proposals that mean that my spot and perhaps the spot of another candidate from Zehut in the next Knesset is guaranteed.”

"There is only one problem with these proposals: We will be in the next Knesset without the message of Zehut, because there is no meaning to all the right and accurate things that Zehut says if there is no political force behind them. And therefore, me sitting in the Knesset in this way would have no meaning. I was already in the Likud and could have been in the current Knesset. The moment I realized that my message could not exist there, I left the Likud," he continued.

Feiglin stressed that he would not enter the next Knesset without the ability to implement the platform of his party. "We will form connections, we said exactly with whom we can connect that intensifies this synergy, which strengthens the message of Zehut, which makes it possible to implement it, and we said with whom it is impossible. And it will not be any other way. We will insist on that.”