Protests against gay parade in Be'er Sheva

'A normal structure is a father and mother," says Rabbi Shimon Cohen of Be'er Sheva.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Protest in Be'er Sheva
Protest in Be'er Sheva
Credit: Public relations

Dozens of people demonstrated in Be'er Sheva on Thursday to protest the pride parade taking place in the city.

Among the participants were Rabbi Tzvi Kostiner, head of the Mitzpeh Ramon Yeshiva, Rabbi Shimon Cohen, head of Beth Moriah institutions in the city, Rabbi Dror Aryeh of the Chazon movement, city council member Gadi Mazuz and other rabbis.

The participants protested the gay pride parade that was simultaneously taking place, for the third year in a row, and the waving of flags around the city since last week, long before the parade.

The rabbis spoke and the demonstrators carried signs saying "Dad and Mom = Family." Many residents of the city stopped and expressed their support for the demonstration.

"Are you closing the city of Be'er Sheva for a minority? We came to tell you the truth, 'We've come to the land of Israel to establish a kingdom of priests and a holy nation,'" said Rabbi Dror Aryeh.

Rabbi Shimon Cohen added: "Most Jewish people live normally. A normal structure is father, mother and children - one must engage in settling the world [by having children]. Every other structure leads to the destruction of the world."

"The attempt of LGBT organizations to impose distorted values ​​on the entire population is not normal," said one of the organizers of the demonstration. "The residents of the city of Be'er Sheva joined in the call that more and more residents from different cities are joining - to stop this madness. It's a call to stop the marches and the forcing of the agendas on all of us - enough of these flags, enough with the marches. We want normality in the public sphere."