Rabbi Peretz: Shaked can be number 2 - not number 1

Jewish Home leader calls on Bennett and Feiglin to join united right-wing list, suggesting Shaked be number 2 on such a list.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rabbi Peretz
Rabbi Peretz
Yossi Zeliger

Chairman of the Jewish Home Rabbi Rafi Peretz referred Thursday to calls on the right to appoint former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked head of a united right-wing list in the upcoming elections.

In an interview with Army Radio, Rabbi Peretz addressed Ayelet Shaked and suggested that she join the United Right, but added, "I am willing to give you number 2 on the list, not number 1."

Rabbi Peretz added that he also calls on Zehut Chairman Moshe Feiglin and New Right Chairman Naftali Bennett to join the united right-wing list. "I am reaching out to everyone, that we should put everything on the side and discuss everything. We can reach a unity of all the right-wing parties so that Netanyahu will be prime minister."

Later in the interview, Rabbi Peretz responded to the claims of the Otzma Yehudit party that he was not implementing his part in the agreement between the parties and was not implementing the “Norwegian Law” for the purpose of bringing Attorney Ben-Gvir into the Knesset.

Rabbi Peretz explained, "The Norwegian Law does not exist because according to law, if I resign, I will not be a minister. In a transitional government, a minister must be a member of the Knesset."

Rabbi Peretz also denied the report that he called not to allow public works on Shabbat without halakhic permission. "I did not make such a statement. We need to maintain the status quo. Every deviation from it needs to be seriously considered.”