Ukraine historian: Poland and Israel parrot Russian propaganda

Ukraine state historian says Polish, Israel, ambassadors' protest of support for Ukraine Insurgent Army 'repetition of Russian propaganda.'

Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA ,

Lviv, Ukraine
Lviv, Ukraine

A senior state historian of Ukraine said that protests by Poland and Israel about his country’s glorification of Nazi collaborationists was Russian propaganda.

Volodymyr Vyatorovych, director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, offered his opinion last week on social media in connection with a joint letter of protest by the Israeli and Polish ambassadors to Ukraine.

In an unusual move, the two diplomats wrote to the mayor of the Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankisvsk protesting the unveiling there of a monument honoring Roman Shukhevych, a collaborator with the Nazis who is implicated in the murder of countless Jews and ethnic Poles by his UPA nationalist militia during the 1940s.

“The letter is in English, but its essence is Russian. The content — this is also a repetition of the Russian propaganda against the UPA,” Vyatorovych wrote.

Vyatorovych is a consistent advocate of the Ukraine Insurgent Army (UPA) and other pro-Nazi outfits. But his claim that Israel and Poland are serving Russian propaganda is unusual. Israel last year shot down a Russian plane over Syria, a close ally of Russia.

Israel is believed to routinely strike targets in Syria, including those belonging to the government. Israel is also believed to strike targets belonging to Iran, a major trading partner of Russia.

Poland, where anti-Russian sentiment is rife, is a prominent member of the NATO alliance, which is largely devoted to checking Russian expansionism. Polish President Andrzej Duda is seeking a permanent US military base in Poland and advanced fighters to counter what his government sees as a growing Russian threat, Radio Liberty reported this week.