Watch: Boy runs into tracks, throws stones at train

Police search for youth who threw stones at train, causing delays.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Walking on the train tracks
Walking on the train tracks
Israel Railways Safety Department

A youth breaking the law and entering the area of the Kiryat Motzkin train station behaved wildly near the tracks and threw stones at the train as it passed.

Israel Railways' alarm system went off, and workers warned all train conductors in the area in real time. They also called Israel Police, and officers started searching the area for the youth in question. As a result, trains were delayed.

Israel Railways emphasized that it takes this incident, which could have ended with the youth or the train's passengers suffering injuries, very seriously. "We emphasize the importance of parents telling their children of the dangers involved in running into the tracks illegally," Avi Shitrit, who runs the railway's Safety Department, said.

Israel Railways also noted that several months ago, a mobility scooter drove over train tracks after the warning lights had flashed and the arms went down. The company is working to close off that area, while finding appropriate alternatives for pedestrians, it said.