Reclaiming Jerusalem for the Jewish people

This project brings redemption to the here and now, replete with miracles.

Judy Simon ,

Jerusalem Day Rikudgalim parade 2019
Jerusalem Day Rikudgalim parade 2019
Hadas Parush/Flash 90

Daniel Luria's family has a tradition of making Aliyah.

In fact, his parents and both sets of grandparents made Aliyah, but returned to Australia.

Daniel, whose first attempt at Aliyah was as a young boy with a backpack, has no intention of leaving the Land of his Forefathers. In fact, his life's work is to rebuild, rebuild and rebuild.

As the executive Director of Ateret Cohanim, one of Daniel's goals is "surrounding G-d's House with G-d's People." In accordance with this, Daniel, in his Jerusalem Reclamation Project has helped redeem almost 50 Arab homes which now house Jews. Every story is a miracle in and of itself.

Tune in to find out how to become a part of the making of Jewish history, and of the redemption of the the Jewish Homeland.