Intelligence chief: Hamas is deterred

IDF intelligence chief says Hamas is deterred, but Islamic JIhad has 'high' explosive potential.

Kobi Finkler ,

Tamir Heyman
Tamir Heyman
IDF spokesperson

IDF Intelligence Directorate Chief Major-General Tamir Heyman on Wednesday discussed the security threats facing Israel at the Israel Defense and Homeland Expo.

Regarding the threat from Gaza, Heyman said, "Hamas is very deterred from war, and has expressed a desire to continue paving the way to agreements. Hamas has a sovereign responsibility which is getting larger, and with agreements they expect a certain compensation."

"This responsibility causes tensions with Islamic Jihad, even though it continues to coordinate with Hamas. But their explosive potential is still much higher."

Regarding the US sanctions on Iran, Heyman said, "The pressures we have placed on Iran have lead to a relative cessation of its entrenchment in Syria."

"The motivation is still there and Iran is searching for other places to entrench itself into, such as the space in Iraq.

"The US' unprecedented sanctions on Iran have lead it to a financial low. This low has led it to work against crude oil trade and make announcements regarding its nuclear weapons project."