Large fire rages near Jerusalem

Firefighters working to control major fire on outskirts of Jerusalem. Another fire at the entrance to the city has been subdued.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 7:12 PM

Fire in area of Even Sapir
Fire in area of Even Sapir
Avital Sara Cohen/TPS

Firefighting teams are currently trying to control a major fire that broke near the Moshavim of Even Sapir, Ora and Aminadav, on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Police forces evacuated a number of houses of their occupants following the fire that raged in the vicinity of Even Sapir, Ora and Aminadav. The entrance to the site was blocked to allow firefighters to enter.

16 firefighting teams are working at the scene. 6 firefighting helicopters were also dispatched to help the firefighters on the ground.

Police said, "Residents who evacuated independently are asked to leave the doors of their homes without locking them in order to facilitate police search operations. We urge citizens to refrain from going to areas where there are fires and to obey police orders."

At the same time, firefighters managed to subdue another fire that raged in the area of the Lifta at the entrance to Jerusalem.